Acura Winter Tire Guide and Information


Although winter has not yet officially arrived, we can certainly feel it in the air. This means it's now a great time to start thinking about getting our vehicles winter-ready, and it all starts with winter tires. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about winter tires, including the best time to install them, how to determine if you need new winter tires for your Acura, and how to select the best ones for your specific vehicle.

Everything You Need to Know About When to Install Your Winter Tires

When considering when to install your winter tires, it's best to observe the actual weather conditions. You'll want winter tires on your Acura before the first snowfall, which usually occurs in November. Additionally, it's advised to replace your summer tires when temperatures consistently drop below 7°C. Summer tires tend to harden at temperatures below 7°, which reduces their performance, especially on wet, cold roads.

With this in mind, the optimal time to install your winter tires would be in late October or early November, ensuring you're prepared for any inclement weather.

How to Determine if You Need New Winter Tires for Your Acura

To decide if you need new winter tires, it's crucial to know the tread depth of your current ones. While Transport Canada recommends replacing winter tires when the tread depth falls below 1.6 mm, you might consider getting new ones if the depth is less than 5 mm. A tread depth under this measurement may cause your Acura to have increased stopping distances on icy or snowy roads and reduced stability in slippery corners.

There are several methods to measure tread depth. You can use a specialized tool or even a quarter. Place the coin in the tread with the moose's nose facing down; if you can see the entire moose, it's likely time to replace your tires.

Reflecting on your vehicle's performance during the previous winter can also be telling. If your Acura felt less stable under challenging conditions last February or March, it's a sign that you may need new winter tires.

Why Trust Our Tire Centre for Your Winter Tire Needs?

If your winter tires are ready for installation, bring them to our tire centre, and our expert team will ensure they're fitted perfectly. We also provide tire storage services for added convenience.

If you're in the market for new Acura winter tires, our centre is the ideal destination. Our team has the expertise to guide you to the perfect tire choice, and we stock only Acura-approved winter tires. We offer a diverse selection to accommodate various needs. Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining a set of winter wheels to preserve your summer ones, and we ensure that your TPMS system functions seamlessly with your winter tire setup. Last but not least, we frequently have special offers, enabling you to benefit from our products, services, and expertise without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for winter tires for your Acura, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!